apply for viet nam visa

Required Documents to complete Application for Vietnam visa On arrival

Many travelers for the first time to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival may wonder which documents they need to provide together with their application as the application made at Vietnam embassy requires a few. But the fact is that at, the local website of, we require you to provide you no document at all, just your information.

Vietnamese visaDo I need to provide much information, do I need to provide information relating to my family and financial position? They are common questions that come next after travelers know that they do not need to provide documents, just information to apply for Vietnam visa online? The answer once more is NO. The information required to be provided to us is limited to minimum as follows:

  1. Visa type;
  2. Purpose of visit;
  3. Visa duration;
  4. Arrival airport
  5. Contact information (email, name and phone number);
  6. Applicant’s details (full name, nationality, gender, date of birth, passport number and expiry date).

That’s all you need to provide. After receiving your information, we will process with the Vietnam Immigration Department to process the visa approval letter for you. The letter will be then delivered to your email so that you will pick up full visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

One thing to be keep in mind for this kind of visa is that it is for those traveling to Vietnam by air only. So, in case you enter Vietnam by land or sea border crossing, you need to bring required documents to the embassy of Vietnam to apply for the visa. There is no other choice for you in this case.