Here are contact details of Vietnam Embassy in South Africa, which functions as bridge between the Vietnamese government and its counterpart in South Africa. In addition to Vietnam Immigration Department, issuer of Visa on Arrival, Vietnam Embassy in South Africa is also an visa issuing agency.

Embassy of Vietnam in Pretoria, South Africa

  • Address: 87 Brooks St., Brooklyn, Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA
  • Phone: +27 (0)12 362 8119
  • Fax: +27 (0) 12 342 8441
  • Email: embassy[@]



Getting Vietnam visa in South Africa is now not a very difficult task putting you in trouble any more
as you now have two options to obtain one from this country.

Get visa via Embassy in South Africa

  • Travel to Vietnam Embassy to submit application documents

    At first, you will need to visit the Embassy to submit your passport, application form, two passport-size photos as well as other documents required by the embassy (maybe flight ticket, hotel reservation and invitation letter from your Vietnamese partner).

  • Pay for Visa Fee

    Visa fee must be in cash and paid upon arrival at the embassy. However, it is not published on website of the embassy, so you only know it by directly contact the embassy staff.

  • Come back home to wait for visa processed

    After accepting the documents and visa fee, the receptionist will give you a receipt with the date when you can come back to collect the visa (normally after 5 working days; in special cases no more than 2 weeks).

  • Travel again to the Embassy

    You will need to travel again to the Vietnam Embassy to pick up your passport and visa. Remember to bring your receipt. Please check carefully all the details and notify the embassy immediately if there are any error in your visa.

Get Vietnam visa on Arrival in South Africa

  • Get visa approval letter online quickly and easily

    To get visa on arrival, you first need to obtain a visa approval letter before departure for Vietnam. This procedure is completely done online with just 3 simple steps as follow:

    • Submit online application for Vietnam visa. No passport or flight ticket is required.
    • Pay for service fee via online portals (Paypal, OnePay, Visa or Mastercard).
    • Get visa approval letter within 1 or 2 working days.
  • Get Visa stamped upon arrival in Vietnam

    Present your passport, visa approval letter, 02 photos, the Entry & Exit application form along with stamping fee (USD recommended) to Immigration officers at the arrival airport.

Is this option much more convenient, especially when your place is far from the embassy? But please keep in mind that it is applicable to those traveling to Vietnam by air only.